Create Ubuntu DEB Package from source code (.tar.gz, .tgz)

Ubuntu DEB Package from source code (.tar.gz, .tgz)

Occasionally, we are dealing with software installation from source code by running configure, make, and make-install. When we do it that way, we can not reverse the process (uninstall) it. To overcome that issue, we can build the source code into DEB Package.

DEB, Debian packages are standard Unix archives that include two tar archives optionally compressed with gzip (zlib), Bzip2, lzma, or xz (lzma2): one archive holds the control information and another contains the program data. (Source: Wikipedia)

Create Ubuntu DEB Package from source code

DEB builder dependencies

To start building deb package, we must install several dependencies:

For this tutorial, I will show you how to build deb package of Dante Socks Server source code. The file can be obtained here:

SSH Command list to build DEB Package

The following are command list to build Dante DEB package from source code:

The last command “checkinstall” will have some response which you need to input. Once completed it will produce DEB file:

Install DEB Package

To install this package we can use standard command:

All done now….

But, if somehow you want to uninstall it, you can do it easily using this command:

Build DEB Package job
If you don’t have time to do all of this stuff, or if this is not your area of expertise, we offer a service to build DEB Package from source code, starting from $5 (Paypal payment). Please contact us to get a best deal!