How to Fix apt-get update GPG error BADSIG on Ubuntu or Debian

Fix apt-get update GPG error BADSIG on Ubuntu or Debian

Today I encountered another apt-get update GPG error, this time I got error message BADSIG :

After a few research I found the solution from askubuntu and stackexchange. Please use the following commands to get rid of your problem.

Please do that with the corresponding error key from your error message log.

The next step is to clear your apt software cache:

Then you are done, and may try our favourite apt-get command:

And you should encounter no error anymore.

For you who didn’t know yet about apt-get update, it’s a Linux command specifically for Ubuntu and Debian to update apt or software repository cache. Apt-get command itself is a powerful command-line tool to perform such function as installation of new software packages, upgrade of existing software packages, updating of the package list index, and even upgrading the entire Ubuntu/Debian system.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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