How To Fix Yum Duplicate Packages or Broken Dependencies


For those of you who didn’t know, Yum is a package management tool for installing, updating and removing rpm packages on CentOS systems. When you try to install a package with yum command, you may encounter errors for various reasons. In this post, I will describe under what situations yum errors can occur, and explain how to fix yum errors.

Fix Yum Duplicate Packages or Broken Dependencies

Step 1. Install a package called ‘yum-utils’ as root:

Step 2. Then run the command:

yum-complete-transaction is a program which finds incomplete or aborted yum transactions on a system and attempts to complete them. It looks at the transaction-all* and transaction-done* files which can normally be found in /var/lib/yum if a yum transaction aborted in the middle of execution.

Several common commands I usually use:

Now yum commands can be run without the unfinished transactions warning. I hope it will solve your problem also.

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