How To Test Internet Connection Speed via Command Line

speedtest-logo is a pretty good place to check your internet speeds. But there is an even simpler way. Using the speedtest-cli command line app, you can actually check your current broadband speeds via Terminal. For those of you who didn’t know, speedtest-cli is a simple CLI client written in Python for measuring bidirectional Internet bandwidth by using infrastructure. It works with Python 2.4-3.4. Installing the latest speedtest-cli is nothing more than downloading the Python script.

Test Internet Connection Speed via Command Line

Step 1. Install speedtest-cli on Linux

Step 2. Run an internet speed test with the following command:

If you want to share the speed test result, you can use “–share” option, which will allow you to share speed test result with others in an image format via


The utility supports a few other parameters, and you can view them by running –help command.

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