How To Repair Corrupted Mysql Database Table


Sometimes it happens that your database get corrupted due to many reason like it does not get restored properly or server get rebooted while updating database etc and you have tried to repair it using phpmyadmin and it does shows that it has repaired but it is not. Here is how to fix a corrupted table (note the single ‘s and {} pairs are not part of the sql commands but are used for clarity and that the “;” are required):

How To Repair Corrupted Mysql Database Table

Method 1.

Step 1. Log into mysql as administrator

Step 2. Select the database containing the corrupted table, i.e., ‘use {database name};’

Step 3. Show tables your corrupted table should be listed

Step 4. Repair table

Method 2.

Step 1. Login to your MySQL server using Secure Shell (SSH).

Step 2. Repairing MyISAM mySQL Tables/Databases.

Please note that MyISAM is a default storage engine of MySQL, unless you change it. Mostly MyISAM is set as default engine to check and repair all the tables in the mysql database.

Congratulation’s! You have successfully installed Git. Thanks for using this tutorial for repair corrupted MySQL Database in Linux system. For additional help or useful information, we recommend you to check the official MySQL web site.

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